Marketing and Communication Consulting Global Agency.


Dedicated to develop and update its clients' corporate image, the agency is based upon 3 poles: strategic planning and consulting, graphic and audio-visual creation, and a strong technical expertise in video-making, shootings and digital developing. ANTHEA Agency's principles deal with arousing curiosity, drawing the attention of various audiences.


Its goal is to help its clients to develop loyalty with their distribution partners. ANTHEA Channel offers unique online marketing solutions, targeting large companies, SMEs and SMIs which allow them to manage their partnership network following their corporate image.


ANTHEA Event aims to create special, unique moments between a Brand and its audience. Its teams design and run every crucial events which build up a successful company (press launchings, conventions, seminars, salons, receptions…).


ANTHEA Print offers many online printing services such as remotely creating, editing and printing. Its "Print-On-Demand" solutions enable companies to create, customize, print all their documents in one click (booklets, catalogues, brochures, posters...).

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ANTHEA Interactive group combines the best advertising, event, and print skills within a single structure.

Thanks to its multidisciplinary teams and its complementary skills, ANTHEA Interactive is a creative agency which can solve every marketing and communication problematics:

- Corporate image creation and development
- Strategic planning
- Graphic and audio-visual creation
- Creation of « Corporate » websites and Intranet websites targeting distribution networks.
- Online solutions and marketing tools
- Event design and management
- "On-demand" Printing solutions.

The strong influence of the new media culture and its team expertise in new technologies allow ANTHEA Interactive Group to design innovative solutions fitting with the most efficient media, providing its clients supervision on their image and investments.

Our philosophy


Our mission is to give consulting tips to our clients to make their project successful.


We have many creative or strategic suggestions to offer. Our goal is to always reach perfection, originality and innovation.


We offer pondered and innovative solutions depending on our clients' projects.


Our mission is to offer successful project results to our clients.


19 January 2014

Micron Valued Partner - Enterprise Elite Partner site

Anthea Channel has created for Micron the Enterprise Elite Partner site, specifically designed for VARs who provide data center infrastructure.

21 October 2013

ANTHEA Channel launches YODAH

YODAH is a revolutionary partner platform. Companies can easily and independently create and manage their channel portal when using this platform. As a “Software as a Service”, YODAH offers all types of channel portal customized services with 3 unique characteristics: it is fully CUSTOMIZABLE, UPGRADEABLE and ACCESSIBLE.

03 July 2013

ANTHEA Channel Store

Anthea Channel is proud to present its new eCommerce website Anthea Channel Store

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We draw our inspiration from our clients to go beyond interactivity. We work on their projects with vim and determination.